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Sports and technical reviews.

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PowerTrend - what you need to know about

PowerTrend is some kind of innovative platform that provides brokerage services. Apparently - a classic investment broker, but this is not the case.

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Sports and technical reviews.

DECT phones: an overview of the obvious advantages of this wireless device

When you are not on the phone, the handset does not emit any radiation. Activate Eco mode to minimize radiation when making phone calls. This reduces the transmission power by around 20 percent. The poorer reception should be sufficient in normal apartments, while it may be clearly noticeable in large buildings or outdoors.

Sports and technical reviews.

Researchers from China and Singapore make a discovery in the field of solar energy conservation

As is well known, every solar cell only supplies electricity as long as the sun is shining. For example, if you want to use the solar energy collected during the day at night, a separate battery or another chemical energy storage device has been necessary up to now.

Sports and technical reviews.

HIPER Model A overview: the two-wheeled off-roader

The scooter is ready to go right after unpacking. The unfolding process consists of four steps: first of all, you push the folding lever, then raise the steering column, then clamp it with the lock and finally insert the handles into the grooves

Sports and technical reviews.

The best expanders for effective training

If you want to do fitness at home and at the same time evenly develop all the muscles of the body, then this set will be very useful for you. It consists of 5 items, well-chosen for their intended purpose, so that with its help you can build a beautiful relief body. Let's take a closer look at the purpose and features of each:

Sports and technical reviews.

The best mats for yoga and fitness classes.

This mat is undoubtedly useful for athletes of any level of training and age. The mat is made in dark gray color, has a traditional rectangular shape with dimensions of 173 x 61 cm, rounded edges and the Reebok logo.

Sports and technical reviews.

Best motorcycle helmets-integrals. Best Helmet Modules. Best motorcycle helmets.

Well, since the author has lost friends, and he himself does not shine with health all for the same reason, let's at least try to do without the traditional jokes today and try to figure out how to more reliably keep his head on his shoulders, while not losing it in comfort.Fortunately, the choice of good motorcycle helmets is now more than in the good old days, when one and a half models of helmets available in stores differed in fact only in color.