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PowerTrend is some kind of innovative platform that provides brokerage services. Apparently - a classic investment broker, but this is not the case.
Of course, PowerTrend is another pseudo-brokerage scam, which is not very difficult to expose. Simply because there is nothing here that would indicate the real work of the project. Only ridiculous promises and completely false information.

PowerTrend is an innovative platform with access to the financial market that offers users financial services of various kinds. It is one of the most modern, comfortable and secure platforms, which is why customers choose to invest their assets through it.
PowerTrend's mission is to create a convenient and technological environment for efficient trading of clients. For this purpose, it offers a wide range of tools, proven trading platforms and several types of trading accounts, from which it follows that the minimum deposit amount is $500.
PowerTrend calls itself a reliable partner, assures that everyone chooses this platform, tells that the company employs professional analysts, and so on. In general, they try to prove their reliability.

But where did it all come from the project, which is only a few months? And it is only the domain, and the site itself may be much younger. At least about the existence of such a broker as PowerTrend, learned just the other day.
It turns out that the broker, which is two months old at most, wants us to open an account for at least $500? Won't our lips crack?
They say that the company's operations in Russia are carried out in accordance with the RF Law "On the Securities Market" from 22.04.1996 № 39-FZ. This is a typical deception for people who are not versed in legal details.
In the Russian Federation it is possible only if the company has a corresponding license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. If not, the activity is illegal, and the state will not protect you if anything happens.
Of course, PowerTrend does not have a Russian license. Moreover, the broker does not have any licenses at all. All that is shown is a certificate of registration of some Mirach Ltd in the Marshall Islands, which was founded earlier this year. Apparently, PowerTrend belongs to this very company.
As a result, we see an alleged broker who:

Has existed for a scanty period of time, and therefore has no history or reputation
Does not possess the legal documents that allow the activity on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the project is oriented on the Russian citizens.
Does not possess any licenses
Belongs to a dubious offshore company registered at the beginning of the year
Sets a high entry threshold, which is completely unreasonable.
Signs of fraud, in our opinion, are plenty.

Cooperation with PowerTrend is obviously not what you need. Just another fake broker who wants to scam us for money.

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts 51 years old Born in Edinburgh. Married. Studied at University of Oxford, Department of Public Policy and Social Work. Graduated in 1997. Works at Standard Life Aberdeen plc.

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