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Both beginners and professional yoga practitioners definitely need their own personal mat. And the better it is, the more effective and enjoyable your training will be. We have made a selection of the most popular yoga mats, among which you can definitely find a suitable option. Reebok RAMT-11014


The Reebok RAMT-11014 fitness and yoga mat is suitable for performing a wide variety of exercises. This mat is undoubtedly useful for athletes of any level of training and age. The mat is made in dark gray color, has a traditional rectangular shape with dimensions of 173 x 61 cm, rounded edges and the Reebok logo.

The material from which the mat is made-NBR-based rubber (butadiene-nitrile rubber), has good resistance to regular mechanical influences and will please with excellent shock-absorbing properties. Even after a long time of use, the RAMT-11014 mat will retain its original properties.

A thickness of 7 mm is the most optimal. Such a mat is not too soft to serve as a good support for exercise, but at the same time it is not too thin to let the cold from the floor pass. The outer surface of the product is smooth, and the base is ribbed. This feature is responsible for a stronger grip on the floor and increases the stability of the athlete during more intense training.

Also, one of the advantages of this model is the ease of care: a regular wet wipe, even without the addition of detergent, will be enough to clean the mat from dust and dirt. Larsen Microfiber


We present to your attention a fairly soft, but at the same time dense Larsen mat, which will be the best choice for home training in yoga, fitness, Pilates, stretching and similar types of physical activity. It will be useful for both adults and children, will give comfort under any conditions and any complexity of exercises.

First of all, it is worth noting the structure and materials from which this model was made. So, the base is made of foam rubber with a non-slip backing. Thus, the mat will not " ride” on the hard floor covering of your apartment, helping you to master the most popular yoga asanas and perform them perfectly. The surface will also prevent the palms from sliding.

It is also worth noting the interesting design of the model with pleasant to the touch ornaments made of microfiber. In addition, both microfiber and rubber are easy to clean with ordinary water and dry very quickly in the fresh air.

The dimensions of the model are 180 x 60 cm, and the thickness is 3 mm. Thanks to its increased flexibility and fineness, the Larsen mat can be easily rolled into a tube for neat storage or transport. Original FitTools FT-YGM-3


The bright blue yoga and fitness mat Original Fittools FT-YGM-3 is a practical sports accessory that will make your workouts on the floor or grass comfortable and safe. It is a flexible and at the same time durable mat that you can easily take with you to outdoor activities. Due to its compact dimensions when folded and weighing only 900 grams, the Original Fittools mat does not take up much space in a sports bag.

The model has an increased length of 190 cm. This feature makes it possible to train comfortably for tall people and completely lie on the product without contacting the floor. At the same time, the width of 61 cm is considered standard and is suitable for people of medium build. The thickness of the product is 0.3 cm.

The Original Fittools FT-YGM-3 mat is made of PVC-a dense, strong and durable synthetic polymer that does not absorb sweat. At the same time, its two-sided ribbed surface is rough enough not to slip on the smooth floor and under your hands, allowing you to perform both vinyasa and static asanas without discomfort.

The care of the product is extremely simple: the manufacturer recommends cleaning the mat with a damp soft cloth soaked in a normal soap solution.Larsen TPE two-tone


The Larsen gym mat is a thoughtful product that will make your sports activities comfortable and productive. The length and width of the mat are 173 cm and 61 cm, respectively, and the thickness is 0.4 cm. Despite the fact that the product is quite thin, thanks to the pleasant velvety surface, you can easily perform various asanas without pain in the limbs.

The mat is made of thermoplastic elastomer and is characterized by softness, lightness and aesthetics, pleasant to the touch, retains its shape well, does not fade in the sun and is resistant to frost. Thanks to such qualities, the mat will delight you with its reliability for more than one year.

This is a two-tone non-slip mat, with a dark gray underside, which is responsible for a strong grip on the surface. So, if you want to work out at home on a smooth floor, the anti-slip base will ensure complete safety during the exercise.

The kit includes a screed, which provides compact storage of the mat and securely holds it in a rolled state.Lite Weights 5455LW


Lite Weights 5455LW is an inexpensive, compact and practical mat for yoga, fitness and stretching, which is made of a modern material-polyvinyl chloride. PVC is characterized by strength, durability and, despite its synthetic origin, environmental friendliness. This product does not cause allergic reactions and is safe even for people with sensitive skin.

In addition, the mat has a solid structure and is supplemented with thematic drawings depicting yoga asanas, which will serve as a kind of tips for beginners.

The dimensions of the model are standard and are 173 x 61 cm with a thickness of 0.5 cm and a weight of only 100 grams. And, thanks to the folding design, the Lite Weights 5455LW mat can be folded several times, thereby simplifying its transportation, unlike standard rolls in the form of rolls. So, when folded, it easily fits in any bag.

There will also be no problems with cleaning the mat: its surface does not attract dirt and can be easily washed off with a wet cloth, even if you do exercises on the sand. What is a yoga mat?

The yoga mat is the most popular accessory for practicing this Indian teaching with a thousand-year history. And, if people who are just starting to practice yoga, it does not matter on what exactly to perform their first asanas, then after some experience of yoga classes, a person has a desire (and need) to find a mat that suits him in design, size and functionality. The yoga mat allows you to make your yoga class more comfortable and safe. In addition, a special mat defines your personal space and its boundaries. By choosing the right yoga mat, you can get the maximum pleasure from performing spiritual and physical practices.

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