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 To have a beautiful and attractive body, it is not necessary to go to the gym. Nowadays, there is a huge range of sports equipment that you can effectively practice at home. And one of them is an expander. We have selected 5 successful models for you, so that you can quickly increase the elasticity of the muscles and improve endurance. Atemi ATS-01


If you want to do fitness at home and at the same time evenly develop all the muscles of the body, then this set will be very useful for you. It consists of 5 items, well-chosen for their intended purpose, so that with its help you can build a beautiful relief body. Let's take a closer look at the purpose and features of each:

The chest expander with 5 springs is designed for a comprehensive study of the chest muscles, back muscles, and shoulders. It has an average degree of resistance, so it is suitable for novice athletes.

Another chest expander is designed for a more thorough impact on the chest muscles. The spring here has a diameter of 7 mm, so it will be effective for people with an initial level of training.

For training the leg muscles, a jump rope is provided: due to the ergonomic shape of the handles, it will not slip out of your hands even with prolonged use.

2 hand expanders - an indispensable tool for people, which helps to quickly pump the forearms, hands and joints of the hands. The medium rigidity allows them to be used comfortably by both men and women.

To sum up, we want to recommend this set: make a training plan with it, and with regular classes, progress will be visible in a few weeks.

If your work is associated with prolonged sitting at the computer, then the consequences can be pain in the back muscles and even spinal deformity. Pull-ups on the horizontal bar serve as an effective prevention of the above problems, in addition, they help to strengthen the muscles. Ironman Power Twister


This expander is designed for people who want to quickly and effectively pump the muscles of the chest, back, shoulders and forearms. Just note that the diameter of the spring here is as much as 4 cm, and the degree of resistance is slightly more difficult than the average. Based on this, it is recommended to use it for people with sufficient physical training, because it can be difficult for beginners to perform even a few repetitions. Comfortable non-slip handles guarantee you a strong and reliable grip, and special textile loops on the sides eliminate the risk of accidentally dropping the inventory from your hands. The Ironman expander is only 65 centimeters long, so there will be no problems with its storage and transportation. You can take it with you anywhere: to the gym to use for warming up and warming up the muscles, on trips and business trips. It will also be your faithful companion in nature, and thus help to combine a pleasant pastime in the fresh air with useful physical exercises. Include regular exercises with this expander in your workouts, and you will find an attractive relief in the back and chest area in 6-8 weeks.

Do you lead an active lifestyle? Then you should definitely have a fitness tracker that will carefully monitor changes in your heart rate, as well as measure the distance you have traveled and notify you of the calories you have spent.EasyBody 0848CP


The model from EasyBody can hardly be called an expander, because in terms of functionality it is more like a full-fledged simulator. With this in your arsenal, you will be able to carefully work out the groups of muscles of the chest, back and arms. Also, regular training will have a positive effect on the joints and grip strength, so if you are engaged in strength sports - add exercise with this expander to your program. As a result, you will soon notice that your progress will noticeably increase. But that's not all: since the simulator is made in the form of a butterfly, it can be effectively used to train the thighs, legs, and buttocks: daily classes with it make it possible to get rid of fat deposits and cellulite, achieve elastic muscles and acquire a beautiful figure. You will also be pleased with the fact that such exercises are very productive, because the changes will be noticeable after a month of intensive training. For your convenience, the design provides wide and soft handles, so the expander will not put pressure on your hands or feet. And the high quality of the connecting mechanism makes the simulator very durable. Due to the average degree of resistance, this model can be comfortably used by both beginners and athletes with a lot of experience.

If you plan to take a butterfly expander with you to the gym, then you need a sports bag: it makes it possible to neatly fold all the necessary equipment and easily transport it. 

Starfit ES-901


This expander has a very simple design, but it is an integral tool in the arsenal of many professional athletes. Exercises with it are included in the training program of skiers, swimmers, boxers, as well as people engaged in mixed martial arts. It is very easy to train with it: you need to fix a rubber harness on any crossbar (it can be a horizontal bar, a Swedish wall, etc.), and you need to pass your hands through textile loops on the sides. Now move away from the crossbar at such a distance to create optimal resistance for your muscles, and you can start performing exercises. Such training effectively develops the qualities that are important for almost any athlete: the respiratory system, speed, endurance. Moreover, a large number of repetitions allows you to work out the technique and hone the skills of techniques necessary for various martial arts. And the expander of a skier-swimmer is recommended to be used for recovery and rehabilitation after injuries, because with it you can gradually increase the load on specific areas of the body and certain muscles. The presence of a strap allows you to compactly fold the expander, so that it easily fits in a sports bag or pocket.


Protein bars will help you quickly satisfy your hunger before training and replenish your strength. And sports bottles make it possible to drink liquid on the go, without spilling it on yourself and clothes. Atemi AHG-02


In the era of modern technology, an increasing number of people are associated with long-term work at the computer. Moreover, we very often do not let the phone out of our hands, reading the news and corresponding in social networks. But few people know that such a load on the fingers and hands can cause the development of tunnel syndrome - a common disease among office workers. And the spring-loaded hand massager from Atemi allows you to get rid of such frightening consequences: by doing 10-12 repetitions daily, you can avoid the problems described above. This model has soft handles, so it is convenient to hold it in both men's and women's hands. The average degree of resistance allows you to comfortably use it for beginners to develop the muscles of the hands, and experienced athletes can use this expander for effective warm-up of the hands and forearms. Also, regular training helps to improve the grip strength, which is very important in certain sports: weightlifting, kettlebell lifting, arm wrestling, and many others. The kit includes 2 expanders at once, so you can perform exercises with both hands at the same time.

And for those people who want to have a slim and toned waist, we recommend buying a belt for weight loss: wear it during exercise, and a positive result will not take long to wait. What is an expander?

Home strength training is a great way to maintain muscle tone and strengthen the immune system. Fitness classes from the comfort of your home are becoming more popular these days, because they take a little time and require a minimum amount of sports equipment. And one of the most effective tools for achieving high performance is the expander. This is a portable sports simulator that allows you to carefully work out different muscle groups in order to quickly acquire a beautiful relief and improve your strength performance. Depending on the type and design, with the help of an expander, you can strengthen the muscles of the wrists, arms, chest, back, thighs and even buttocks. It is a truly universal solution, because it can be used by men and women, adults and children, novice athletes and professionals.

The jump rope acts as another indispensable tool for home activities, because it promotes the rapid development of coordination and makes the legs fit. And if you want to perform strength exercises with an increased load, then buy dumbbells.


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