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Best cross-country Motorcycle helmets

The best open helmets for motorcycles. Only someone who has never fallen can deny the need for protection when riding a motorcycle. Moreover, if the "asphalt disease" passes, the broken arms and legs heal, then an unsuccessful headbutt may be the last for the "hero of asphalt". Well, since the author has lost friends, and he himself does not shine with health all for the same reason, let's at least try to do without the traditional jokes today and try to figure out how to more reliably keep his head on his shoulders, while not losing it in comfort.Fortunately, the choice of good motorcycle helmets is now more than in the good old days, when one and a half models of helmets available in stores differed in fact only in color. And, although it is difficult to argue with the "integral" in terms of strength and degree of protection (unless you want to take a cross-country helmet for off-road driving), there are also more comfortable helmets on sale. The main thing is that you do not have to pay for comfort with an unsuccessful design, and not everyone can afford to simply overpay.Shoei Neotec II.  The helmet presented for the last season is a development (alas, it has become more expensive) the well-known premium Neotec helmet. Well, that summer it has already been tested in practice, and let's say right away-this tourist module is definitely worthy of the first place in the rating of the best helmets for a motorcycle. Compared to the first generation, the aerodynamics have significantly improved, the helmet has become quieter and more comfortable at high speeds. Its insides are designed specifically for the installation of the Sena SRL motorcycle headset: now you do not have to face pressure on the ears, as is the case with helmets, where the headsets were not remembered during the design. Also, the helmet has improved the fixation of the "jaw" in the raised position. The "shell" is made of a complex five-layer composite. In terms of strength, the helmet as a result is not much inferior to the integrals, although it has inevitably become heavier. The lowered built-in tinted glass is already a "must-have" for a tourist module by modern standards. In general, you can safely get ready for the road – although with our roads, a cross-country helmet is often more relevant.

The main advantages:

Low noise level

Durable composite material

Reliable lock "jaws"

Preparation for the installation of the headset


Nontransformable "filling" Shark Evo-One 2

Another fresh update of the famous series, this time from Shark. The new Evo-One has retained a very specific kinematics of the movement of the "jaw", which does not rise up, but is removed behind the helmet back, in fact turning it into a full-fledged open Thanks to this helmet is much more convenient than conventional modules, where you do not always ride with the raised "jaw" : it does not "sail", so the Evo-One 2 is definitely more convenient than most as a module.

However, the structure of the "shell" is no longer based on a composite, the helmet is cast from thermoplastic. Of course, this had a positive impact on the weight and price, but in terms of" unkillability " with top-end carbon helmets, he is not expected to argue.

Although the visor glass here does not have a direct kinematic connection with the "jaw", a convenient feature is implemented: the visor can rise and fall when the "jaw"is moved. With the visor raised, the ability to protect the eyes remains-the helmet is equipped with a lowered sunscreen of increased size, which does not leave light "slits" at the edges of the field of view.

The main advantages:

The original and very convenient design of the "jaw»

Honed aerodynamics


Only two sizes of "shell" in the line. HJC IS-MAX II

The classic "flip-up" with a rising jaw from HJC is made in combination – only the "jaw" is made of polycarbonate, the "shell" itself is made of fiberglass. The helmet came out strong, although heavy (1.7 kg). The question of weight should be taken into account if you plan to choose a helmet for long trips: of course, if your neck calmly tolerates even a riot police "Sphere", then an extra 200-300 grams in a motorcycle helmet will not be an obstacle, but someone will become an unambiguous cause of discomfort.

The ventilation in the helmet is also specific – if you are used to lying down on the tank, hiding behind the wind shield, then consider that it does not exist: the ventilation works properly only with sufficient air pressure running into the helmet. In general, the option, although not bad at current prices, but requiring to feel and try on, as they say.

The main advantages:

Strong "shell"

Good quality visor and built-in sun protection


Poor ventilation

The design is rather weak in the details (the same engine for lowering sunglasses). Icon Airframe Pro Construct

Icon traditionally adheres to a deliberately brutal style, but without sacrificing quality. The Airframe Pro Construct motorcycle helmet meets the requirements of DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22-05 (Europe) and PSC (Japan) standards, its composite "shell" is as strong as possible, and the internal "filling", which has a special bactericidal coating, effectively extinguishes and distributes the impact energy. As for ventilation, the nine channels allow you to adjust the helmet to any conditions-the benefit of the visor is made non-fogging.

By the way, about the visor: thanks to the Rapid release system, it can be replaced with just one movement of the hand – for example, take off the daytime car with a darkened glass for evening rides and put the usual one. At the same time, it is equipped with a strong locking mechanism in the selected position, which is held even despite the strong air pressure.

The" filling " of the helmet is modular, consisting of five elements. A total of 27 different-shaped combinations of the internal device are possible, that is, the helmet can be perfectly adapted to almost any head. Combined with the low weight, this allows the helmet to be as comfortable as possible.

It is designed primarily for the "shrimp" landing of owners of sports motorcycles. Therefore, the rear part was designed with the expectation of a large deviation of the neck, but no one will prevent you from taking a closer to the classic fit.

The main advantages:

Strong "shell"

Efficient and quiet ventilation

Flexible adaptation to the shape of the head


The design, as usual with Icon, is for an amateur. HJC i 70

One of the most popular motorcycle helmets in the mid-price segment. Of course, this is no longer a composite "handmade", as in Icon, but the price is much more affordable – while polycarbonate also provides more than decent strength. In addition, there is no need to change the visors in the "day-night" mode-traditionally, HJC builds darkened "glasses" into the helmet, which can be released or removed with a single movement of the hand, leaving the transparent visor "on permanent". The thing is actually very convenient, which is why the author, by the way, at one time preferred a helmet of this brand.

As for the design, you can also not worry – the company offers as many as 24 colors, from simple (yellow, white) to multi-color with a complex pattern structure. So there is an option for almost every taste here. The lining, although devoid of modularity, is easily removed for washing, the material is "correct" - with good moisture absorption, antibacterial impregnation.

The aerodynamics of the helmet does not cause a desire to beat them on the asphalt for a long time – there is practically no noise, even if all the ventilation channels are fully opened. So, despite the "yellow" origin (the company itself is Korean, production is located in Korea, Vietnam and China), the helmet came out more than worthy of both purchase and a place in our rating.

The main advantages:

Durable polycarbonate shell

Built-in sunglasses «glasses»

Efficient ventilation


There is no way to adapt the inside of the helmet. Caberg EGO

Our rating of the best motorcycle helmets continues with the budget polycarbonate "integral" of the tourist class. The helmet is certified according to ECE 22.05 P, so there is no doubt about its safety. As you should not doubt the effectiveness of ventilation – this line of helmets is unique with an opening upper "window" with an area of as much as 60 square centimeters. Moreover, even when this "hatch" (indeed, the device is very similar to car hatches) is closed, the helmet flaunts its perforated "filling" through the transparent plastic: they say, look what I can do!

Like the HJC, the Caberg has a built-in sunscreen, and it is lowered and retracted only with the left hand (the HJC has a slider in the middle, so you can use any hand). The "filling" is comfortable (including in the heat), but the noise level of the helmet is pumped up – at speed, it begins to significantly "sing" in different voices. However, the helmet was not designed for sports bikes-but when driving without trying to show the speed record of a particular area, it is quite convenient. Well, and the price of it at all at the present time is more than pleasant.

The main advantages:

Built-in sunscreen

Huge ventilation area


The upper "hatch" reduces the strength of the frill

Noise at high speed. Airoh Aviator 2.2

The Italian manufacturer can rightly be proud of the list of awards won by athletes in their equipment. "Aviator" in version 2.2 flaunts a light and extremely strong "shell" of several layers of carbon and Kevlar, laid and glued by hand. Compared to the previous generation, the view in the peripheral area has been improved, the "chin" structure has been redesigned, and the aerodynamics have been improved. At the same time, the helmet weighs less than a kilogram!

But it is designed not only for professional crossmen. No wonder the package immediately includes a mount for an action camera: you do not need to "farm" anything, risking losing your GoPro at the most interesting moment of the trip. The helmet is perfectly ventilated, and even if you find a category road in the midst of the July heat and wade through it at a speed of a couple of hundred meters per hour, at least your head will not experience discomfort.

The verdict will be simple and expected: in terms of price-quality ratio, we definitely give this motorcycle helmet the first place in the rating.

The main advantages:

Light, but very strong "shell"

Effective ventilation

Good aerodynamics


Not a very comfortable clasp



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