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How to choose a broker: Wise Capital Limited scam check

Wise Capital Limited broker provides... | Wise Capital Limited scam? Paul Roberts Visitors: 569 ★★★★

The Forex market is special, so the broker acts as an intermediary between the Exchange and the trader – and there’s almost no way to enter the market with no access to broker’s account. Without this cooperation, you will not get access to the stock or any other exchange because you’ll need massive investment for trading.

Key features of a safe broker

It is important to explore the market and choose the company that will give you access to the trading with no delays or suspicious activities.

Exploring the list of brokers, be sure to explore the company's website and reviews as well.

It is important to contact the broker before starting cooperation and clarify all the details.
We’ve checked dozens of companies and always find the details that show if the company is worth your trust or not. That’s our new investigation for another broker.

Today we will review Wise Capital Limited Forex Broker, which got to the market in 2000 and for all that time was working as a solid partner for thousands of traders.

The main office of the company is located in London, United Kingdom.

Today it is difficult to navigate the market in a large number of brokers and find a reliable partner in order to build trust and long-term relationships. And here’s just the right company for it.

The history of market activity clearly shows that the company protects its reputation and has established itself as an example of brokers who do not participate in illegal or shadow activities.

Wise Capital Limited broker provides high-quality and secure services, shows a high level of professionalism and focus on customer needs.

Opinions of common traders about Wise Capital Limited

Wise Capital Limited Forex Broker received a positive feedback from customers for a number of important points:

● Office location: London's heart, next to financial giants, allowing Wise Capital Limited scam department to build the most secure infrastructure for clients;

● Extensive specialization.

● Large selection of trading tools and instruments available for customers.

Terms of Trade and Types of Portfolios

Customer reviews of trade conditions and cooperation terms are mostly positive.

Wise Capital Limited Forex Broker got some more good feedbacks for:

Work with customers

The broker has a lot of professional and useful opportunities for customers:

Company social media accounts and own website contains a lot of detailed information about trading and possible market situations.

Traders positively evaluate the activities of the broker for:


The broker has fewer ways to deposit\withdrawal than we usually see from other brokers. But all the ways work properly, guaranteeing security to users:

The withdrawal of money from Wise Capital Limited broker occurs through the same channels for which deposit was made for every customer individually.

The company's customers published enough feedback on the transparency and honesty of cash payments. Wise Capital Limited scam check also shows that usual time or transaction passage is about 4-6 hours.

Traders note such advantages of a broker in carrying out financial transactions:

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

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Comments 6

Watson Peter 08.07.2021

Recently I had to refuse the assistance of the Otkritie broker. Well, imagine, they have a time limit for entering currency - 1-2 days, well, it's no good. With such speed it is impossible to work, and you can forget about profits in a volatile market. I opened an account with Wise Capital Limited. I'm just celebrating. The input takes a few minutes, and at the current rate, you can immediately calculate the numbers, a system is transparent. The withdrawal takes a little longer, but it's also quite quickly. In my opinion, as fast as possible it turns out to withdraw funds to an e-wallet, a bit slower to a bank card, well, and most of the time it takes to withdraw to a bank account. By the way, the only commission may be from your bank, the broker does not have it. I would recommend to add several trading terminals, so that not only Meta Trader was. There are still not enough financial instruments to increase the level of market analysis. There is just enough for newbies there, and when you are already gaining experience, you want to work with more functionality besides basic facilities.

Parrish Felix 22.07.2021

How I came to Wise Capital Limited. At first I failed with Weltrade, when I fell for holiday promotion with bonuses in honor of the decade. Good thing, that I quickly figured out the rest of the conditions, and it's not much, alas. Withdrew funds and went to Wise Capital Limited. Here everything is already transparent and predictable. Spreads are lower, there is no commission for withdrawal, and the speed of operations is higher. Yesterday I ran the money to the card, for instance, it took just an hour to do everything, though it used to happen even faster. Input is also quick, 10-15 minutes. Well, yes, there are no bonuses, promotions, competitions. Well, OK.

Ross Baldric 27.07.2021

I was strongly recommended with Robo Forex broker, but it fell through. Just in my currencies there were very inflated spreads. Opened an account at Wise Capital Limited. When I dealt with the conditions, I saw that the spreads there were much lower. Plus static, which means that we will not see no jumps in the storm market. It really works when you want to plan a strategy and get confident profit from it. Another fatty plus there is no commission for withdrawal, you can withdraw even daily, if you are lucky to earn in such volumes. Probably, it would be worthwhile to upload the webinars for beginners, well, and various contests for fans. Still Wise Capital Limited has none of that.

Franklin Gilbert 01.08.2021

There was no problem with the verification. At the moment, everything is fine, everything works stably.

Peters Peter 13.08.2021

It turns out to be traded with short feet. I chose the medium-term perspective.

Sullivan Tyler 18.08.2021

Broker is also satisfied, the terminal does not hang on the news, the conclusion is timely.

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