Samsung starts production of displays for new iPhone

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 Samsung was supposed to start production of screens for new iPhones. How will they be characterized? 

Samsung should have started producing screens for the new iPhones. The Korean company is believed to be making OLED panels with LTPO technology. Why was this choice made? Rumors indicate that Apple will want to use its new displays for faster display refresh on smartphones. This type of technology is already in the tablets of the American manufacturer. Apple iPhone 13 Pro will work with screen refresh at 120 Hz. 

Apple allegedly planned to implement the described solution already in the iPhone 12 series of smartphones, but the company abandoned the technology due to high battery consumption. 

Samsung is using OLED LTPO screens in devices such as the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S21 series. LTPO allows the screen to dynamically change the frequency and adapt to the displayed content, which ultimately leads to better battery life. 

Apple has not officially confirmed which screens will be included in the new generation of flagship smartphones.



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What will new Samsung look like

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What will new Samsung look like

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What will new Samsung look like

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What will new Samsung look like

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What will new Samsung look like

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