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ProGBTplus is another online broker with lousy fame. Let's try to figure out why this broker has a lousy reputation by studying the nuances of its activities and find out: is it worth spending time on it?

The website and the broker's employees say that ProGBTplus offers various programs that are used for Forex trading. In fact, our employees were unable to access them even in test mode. This is alarming, and therefore we strongly recommend avoiding ProGBTplus, a Forex trader, in order not to get into trouble.

ProGBTplus - criminals?

The analysis should begin with the analysis of information from open access, which are posted on the office's website. For the convenience of those interested, we will tell it in an accessible form.

The official address of ProGBTplus is Majuro Marshall Islands MH 96960, Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road Ajeltake Island. In fact, the company is a daughter of an organization that is supposedly located in the Marshall Islands.

No one can vouch for the accuracy of the information. However, it is extremely difficult to find a company in this territory. Nevertheless, you can find a company on websites that collect information about companies in offshore territories.

Of course, no data about ProGBTplus was found. There is not even an office with a similar name. Because of this, our specialists were unable to identify any mention of the head of the office. Accordingly, we can firmly state that ProGBTplus is lying to its users and hiding data. The lack of data on the management is ironclad proof of the illegal activities of ProGBTplus.

And even if the registration data were present, this is not enough. The Marshall Islands does not have the necessary competencies to regulate and work in the Forex market.

After all, offshore companies attract scammers by the lack of regulation. Accordingly, even the presence of the office in the registers does not give confidence in its reliability. It is impossible to comply with the laws if they simply do not exist.

The size of the leverage of ProGBTplus is another method to lure money

And although it is clear that ProGBTplus is a fraudster, let's study another suspicious nuance. On the official website of the company, you can find data on the possibility of trading on financial with a leverage of 1 to 400, and more. However, from the point of view of legislation, this ratio is extremely risky. Therefore, it is not sanctioned in developed countries. Due to current restrictions, most legal companies use leverage up to one in thirty or 1 in 50.

The only exception is Switzerland, whose organizations enjoy special trust. Accordingly, it is Swiss stockbrokers who are chosen by experienced or risky citizens who are ready to take a risk.

Accordingly, in order not to let yourself be fooled, it is enough to know the current limitations of leverage. If you understand that a company registered in Britain is not able to trade on the Forex exchange with a leverage of more than 1 in thirty. In the event that you are offered more, they plan to cheat. This divorce works like this: a trader is forced to take a significant loan and transfer money to scammers.

ProGBTplus accounts - how to withdraw, top up?

On the ProGBTplus website, you can find a large number of options for adding funds to your account, just like normal companies. We failed to test the investment method due to KYC and AML. However, users invest money to earn. Accordingly, our specialists are interested in the method of withdrawal of funds. Unfortunately, ProGBTplus will not allow you to return your funds.

In addition, experienced criminals manipulate customers so that they replenish their account more often.

The terms of cooperation with the service are very poorly written, but in the frequently asked questions section, our specialists have identified important information. ProGBTplus allows itself to withdraw finances for lack of activity for more than ninety days. The amount of the fine is not spelled out anywhere. Thanks to this, ProGBTplus will tear illegal fines from users, which cannot be protested.

In addition, the client simply has nowhere to turn for help.

The ProGBTplus organization has a negative balance.

Compliance with the laws is an extremely important point that we regularly talk about. The presence of official control allows us to guarantee that the offices will honestly fulfill their obligations and the deposits of their clients will not suffer. In addition, all law-abiding online brokers must protect their clients from losses. To do this, the regulatory authorities of the UK and the EU oblige the company to provide protection from the negative balance. This prevents the trader from spending more money than there is on his balance sheet. If the balance still falls to a negative value, then the organization providing services is obliged to return it to 0.

ProGBTplus is a Forex broker that makes it possible to trade with a negative balance. This is usually used so that the client spends as much money as possible patching up the hole in the balance. ProGBTplus is a scam that spends traders' funds, and then demands to repay the debt using methods of psycho-emotional pressure. If this has already happened to your friends or to you, remember - you can not make concessions. No matter how they threaten, the criminals are not able to cause physical harm. Criminals have no legal methods to get your funds.

ProGBTplus are criminals, not an honest broker with increased risk. This is evidenced by the lack of registration and official documents. Because of this, the finances of ProGBTplus customers cannot be protected.

The date of registration of the ProGBTplus broker?

The official website contains information that the company has been operating for more than 10 years. In addition, they provide premium quality services all over the globe, and the employees are qualified traders.

In addition, we are shown various profile awards, broadcast about offices in Australia, Britain and New Zealand. Users are served by several thousand employees who work in regional offices or remotely from various parts of the globe. It sounds tempting, but our experts decided to check this information.

ProGBTplus is a scammer

The initial stage of the review was the study of the ProGBTplus website. To do this, we found information about domain registration. It turned out that less than 30 days have passed since the registration.

The phone number posted on the website. We check and draw conclusions.

After studying the information about the phone number on the ProGBTplus website, our employees found that it was used by the Comax Invest stockbroker. In addition, a large number of fraud cases are associated with it, as evidenced by bad reviews on the network. Of course, this information only confirmed our doubts. Criminals do not even try to disguise themselves, counting on naive inhabitants.

Reviews of ProGBTplus from victims

Before investing in a murky company, find out what people who already have experience working with it write.

After reading industry websites, media and social networks, our experts found a small number of reviews. Without exception, all positive reviews have a clearly customized look, but the negative ones are quite similar to the real ones. Accordingly, ProGBTplus is a dishonest Internet broker that deceives its users. If you are planning to invest, we do not recommend doing this.

Are you going to be another victim of divorce? No? In this case, check the firms and information about them, consult with experienced traders and act only after that. There are a lot of scammers in the Forex market, and ProGBTplus is one of them.

What software does ProGBTplus work with? Meta trader 4, 5

On the official website of ProGBTplus there is information that they provide MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 software, which are already known to all traders as useful tools for trading on the stock exchange. Unfortunately, neither our representatives nor ordinary customers could try out the programs. The thing is that you can get the opportunity to try it only by registering through KYC or AML. These systems are used to counteract the legitimization of profits. That is, it is necessary to provide ProGBTplus with personal information, namely


Since ProGBTplus exclusively pretends to be an official Internet broker, confidential information cannot be transmitted to it. Such companies try to deceive the regulatory authorities and hide data about themselves. In the event that confidential information gets into their claws, there is a serious possibility of their resale to third-party companies. In addition, it is possible to use personal information in illegal schemes.

Cooperation with ProGBTplus using a trial account. Is it real?

Sometimes, even the lack of information makes it possible to understand a lot about the company. For example, ProGBTplus for some reason does not give its customers the opportunity to test the software or create a trial account. In accordance with the law, all registered enterprises are required to provide access to trial services so that the client can test their capabilities using game currency and only then register on, transfer the currency to the balance. In the event that there are no test versions of the service, this is extremely suspicious. Our suspicions about ProGBTplus are only being confirmed.

Useful information about Meta Trader

Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 software are often found in official firms that work in the legal field. This is the optimal choice for Forex trading.

The first positions among the programs for the financial market, Meta Trader provided good tools for creating tables and charts, a lot of indicators, advisors. In addition, you can use more than 10,000 different developments and applications from experienced programmers. But, of course, in order to effectively use the software, you need to spend time and effort on training.

Is it possible to try working with ProGBTplus? No!

Is ProGBTplus a fraudster? Does the broker have official permissions?

Of course not. Before giving personal money to a broker, it is necessary to check all the data about him. Most often, pseudo-brokers are not regulated by law and have an illegal center that is engaged in control. In case of trouble, they will not help the victim.

It is impossible to file a complaint against the actions of the scammer to one of the regulatory organizations


Civilized states will not allow the existence of shadow brokers like ProGBTplus. Accordingly, prudent people should avoid dubious firms, do not spend money on them.

International laws are not for scammers!

The presence of ProGBTplus divisions in Australia and the UK is also questionable. Online brokers, in order to work in these countries, must obtain official documents from the relevant structures:

These official documents are necessary for legitimate Forex activity. If they are not, the organization faces a hefty fine, and the owners - the need to answer according to the law.

In order to check whether ProGBTplus has official documents, we will look up the data on the Companies House (Britain) website.


After a few hours, we could not find the broker in the registers of the organization. Accordingly, we can state that ProGBTplus is a scam. At best, ProGBTplus blatantly lie to their customers about regional offices and registration.

Don't want to become a victim? Research information about organizations before you start working with a user. Only firms with a good reputation and a decent period of work deserve respect.

We recommend working exclusively with official companies. Interaction with investment protection funds, allow official online brokers to guarantee the safety of stockbrokers' deposits.

What is the result?

The papers on the website at least raise questions. It is difficult to understand whether these are digitized official documents or a photoshopped picture. One way or another, they cannot be called official papers. The rights and obligations in the user agreement are vague. There is no information about the actual date of formation of the organization, information about the owners. All this is used in order to avoid responsibility to traders and the law.

ProGBTplus is a liar who pretends to be a legal broker. This is just a scam to extract money from gullible citizens. Such firms do not live long. When the number of bad reviews becomes too large, they will disappear, but only in order to eventually reappear under a new name and continue to rob citizens.

Serious receipts with ProGBTplus? No!

Do you really believe that you can earn income by becoming a victim of fraud?

Nevertheless, ProGBTplus employees promise big profits, fast earnings, in the shortest possible time. Such offers are extremely attractive, but thanks to them, the breeders lure ordinary citizens into their networks and steal their money.

With the help of social networks, criminals make a large number of profiles that advertise fake services. A lot of Twitter pages show us "achievements": photos with luxury cars, information about profitable deals, vacations at prestigious resorts, expensive purchases. They put pressure on the envy of ordinary citizens who want the same life, push them into the clutches of scammers.

The purpose of the scam is to get your phone number or another contact. Immediately after that, representatives of ProGBTplus will begin to write and call, guarantee serious income, tempt them to pay them right now. The arguments for starting the work can be different, for example: combinations of celestial bodies and stars, the Mayan calendar, etc.


Some citizens may even believe that profits will go in the near future. But ProGBTplus is a scam. Scammers will take your deposits and try to steal more. Fraud will stop only when the victim runs out of currency, or the breeders themselves decide to stop. ProGBTplus will easily inform you that you need to transfer even more money to withdraw money, and they will stop only when they consider that there is nothing more to take.

ProGBTplus Deception Algorithm:

Is ProGBTplus really a Forex broker? No. These are scammers who steal currency from respectable users under the guise of a regulated company. The personal information of ProGBTplus specialists is carefully masked so that it is impossible for law enforcement agencies to identify them. This allows you to deceive citizens without fear.

Results of our specialists: ProGBTplus - fraud

Summing up the conclusions, let's try to present all the evidence indicating that ProGBTplus are criminals

ProGBTplus is a deception. We are 100% convinced of this. Score from 1 to ten - zero!

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