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Limitedmarket is a project that offers analytical services in financial markets. Allegedly it will help us to earn on trading.

In general, we can say that this is an investment project. Independently we will not trade, of course. Limitedmarket offers to invest in local super cool analysts who will increase your capital. And if something goes wrong, you will be compensated for your losses, and the same analyst will do it from his own pocket. In short, a win-win situation. And this is a scam for beginners.
Limitedmarket strives to provide the necessary information in a simple and clear way to allow people who want to explore profit opportunities to hone their trading experience.

It offers training in effective and responsible trading practices that will allow you to take control of your financial future.
There are several investment packages available. The minimum deposit amount is $100. For such a low-cost scam, that's an unbelievable amount.
The site is cheap, and that should be obvious even to a beginner. What kind of a cool company is this that can't make itself a decent website?

The footer says that the site has been around since 2017, but in reality the domain is only a few months old. Typical deception.

There is no legal information at all. There are only legal provisions taken from some other site. Accordingly, such a company as Limitedmarket does not exist in nature, and it has no right to provide the services that are discussed on the site.
The same applies to the contact details. They show us some sort of crooked, cropped British address. What are we supposed to find there? An office? Or is it a legal address? But there's no Limitedmarket address.

And the email account doesn't even exist. So there will be no contact with the admins. Do you still want to invest your money here?
The site is only in English, scammers actively show that this is a foreign project. That's just for some reason they call Russian citizens, offering their stupid services.

The essence of this scam is that you just give your money to nobody knows who and nobody knows why. Nobody trades anywhere, there are no analysts, all your money is instantly eaten up, drunk or spent on clothes.
Limitedmarket is a cheap parody of an analytical company, investment and trading. A scam, do not contact under any circumstances.

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts 51 years old Born in Edinburgh. Married. Studied at University of Oxford, Department of Public Policy and Social Work. Graduated in 1997. Works at Standard Life Aberdeen plc.

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