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FBS is an international broker which works in more than 190 countries, has 16 million clients and hundreds of thousands of partners. In other words, it's a big brokerage company.

What we see on the website instantly raises very serious doubts. Exactly, the FBS management wants to show us that there's no need to look for a better broker, because we've already found it. But in reality FBS is not the best broker. It's not in the tops anywhere and its history is completely fictional. And it's because FBS is a trivial kitchen.
They offer the services of a reliable and honest broker. FBS promises to show us how easy and comfortable forex trading can be when you have a professional company behind you.

FBS was founded in 2009 and since then it has got a lot of international awards. As mentioned above, the company has a huge number of clients and a presence in most parts of the world.
Four types of trading accounts are offered. The distinctive feature of FBS is the unusually low entry threshold. It is possible to open an account here with only $1. That is, everyone is welcome.
We're repeatedly told that FBS was founded in 2009. But the domain of the broker's site is 26 years old, it was registered in 1995. Which means that the domain is overbought. Not the domain was matched to the name of the company, but the name of the brand to the domain - this is relevant to dubious projects.
By the way, the real owner of the domain is predictably hidden. Also on the site there is no information specifically about the personalities who run the company, that is, there is complete anonymity.

There is some information in the net that FBS is connected with Igor Volkov, a person who tricked people with the help of MFX Broker pseudo-broker project some years ago. At the moment he is wanted, but apparently, this does not prevent him from creating new kitchens and doing his favorite business.

It's evident that FBS is mostly oriented on the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet - the main traffic comes from there. The only thing is that there is not even a Russian interface on the site. The reason is simple - people traditionally think that if it is "western" then it is reliable. But there is nothing western here, except the language.

The most important puncture of FBS is the legal information. As you might expect, this scam broker is registered in Belize. It's also regulated there. But the Belizean regulator is a dish of domestic consumption. It will only protect the citizens of this country. Everyone else will be mercilessly screwed out of money, with no chance of getting it back through the IFSC.
The broker blatantly entices freebies. In addition to low deposit requirements, they promise a 100 percent deposit bonus and regularly raffle off luxury cars. Except that no one has seen the winners, and the bonus is virtual, you can't take it away.

Reviews about FBS are negative, and that is a fact. Of course this kitchen is only working for your deposit plummeting. So you won't earn anything here.
FBS is a broker with an offshore registration and with wrong license. They have a bad reputation, a lot of negative feedbacks, enticing you with freebies, promising things that are typical only for scams. In any case, do not contact, it is a kitchen.

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