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Choosing a reliable broker together with DALEFOX LIMITED reviews

DALEFOX LIMITED review | DALEFOXLIMITED.com reviews platform from traders Paul Roberts Visitors: 803 ★★★★★



Brief guidelines for finding an honest broker, DALEFOX LIMITED reviews attached.

We offer simple recommendations from a broker from London DALEFOX LIMITED.You can find reviews of this company on Google and on Trustpilot, as well as other sites.

When choosing a broker, do not ignore reviews. DALEFOX LIMITED warns against fraud

The reliability of the brokerage company is indirectly confirmed by two signs:

Already these two characteristics speak in favor of the company. DALEFOX LIMITED experts recommend not to ignore the reviews, however, they recommend paying attention to the following points:

Does the company have a properly functioning trading terminal?

The broker's website must have a built-in trading platform, or there must be a transition to the marketplace. Some brokers also post a link where you can install the terminal application on your smartphone. At DALEFOX LIMITED, such a terminal in a smartphone has full functionality:

Are the terms of cooperation and trade described clearly enough?

The site should have as clearly described tariff plans as possible (including the size of spreads, deposits, available instruments and types of assets).

The terms of cooperation should also be set out in company documents, which are usually posted on the site. If there is no such section, it means that the company does not comply with the requirements of laws to protect consumer rights and its service is not good enough. The documents necessarily describe the system for protecting personal data of clients (confidentiality), measures against fraudsters (including verification of platform users), terms of trade and refunds, and types of market risks.

Do managers communicate normally?

The essence of brokerage services is consulting and support of trading. In addition to the technical component (terminal), there is also a consulting one, when experienced traders-analysts recommend investing in certain assets, teach them how to win on a bearish trend, see market trends, be able to read its signals and use graphical analysis. Therefore, communication with managers is one of the key qualities of a broker. If the company did not provide contacts in full, or you cannot contact by the specified phone numbers (mail), or the consultations are uninformative, and the managers are impolite and do not teach anything, then refuse to cooperate. The contact details should look like this:

All this speaks not only of the service, but also of the broker's honesty, his willingness to transparently cooperate with clients.

John Baker, Glasgow entrepreneur, 45:

“Consulting and service are the best qualities of this company. At DALEFOX LIMITED reviews I first understood what trader training means. Here I received more qualified advice and assistance than in the first four years of trading with other brokers. This company is my best experience! "

Guarantees and payment terms on the example of DALEFOXLIMITED.com reviews

In financial matters, the main thing is trust. It is good if the chosen broker has liquidity guarantors. This role can be played by other financial institutions or banks. These are a kind of company guarantors who will not allow its bankruptcy or any fraud.

The liquidity guarantees of the company are usually openly indicated on the official web resource, since this is the broker's advantage:

Another type of guarantees is user reviews about timely payments, about hassle-free withdrawals from the account. For this, the law allows from a few minutes (when transferring to an electronic wallet) to 5 working days (when credited to a bank account). An honest and reliable company tries to fulfill everything on time, and in the event of a failure (technical or otherwise), it does everything to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Dave Fielding, programmer from London, 34 years old:

“I have been working with DALEFOXLIMITED.com for years and once we had a serious conflict. I ordered a withdrawal of funds in my account, but for some reason the system incorrectly sent a request and it did not open in Support. As a result, I waited seven days for the money and started sounding the alarm. The issue was resolved pretty quickly - within a day or two, but after this incident I always duplicate my request for withdrawing funds not only in Support, but also in the account manager. Fortunately, there was not a single failure. "


Any company sometimes faces technical or other problems that can degrade its service. However, the reliability of the broker is checked by how quickly he fixes the problem and how well he provides his services then. Timely payments, open documents, professional advice guarantee the benefits of cooperation.

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts 51 years old Born in Edinburgh. Married. Studied at University of Oxford, Department of Public Policy and Social Work. Graduated in 1997. Works at Standard Life Aberdeen plc.

Comments 12

Ferguson Chad 02.12.2021

I use this broker for a long time and satisfied. No switching plans. I am pleased with the services. Good broker, I just got my first conclusion. The trading with them is already a month and claims for services, signals and conditions I do not have.

Wilkerson David 09.12.2021

Getting knowledge about the Forex market is an achievement for me. Plus profit profit - really wonderful experience. I am glad that I traded with this broker. Impressive shopping news. They are largely in the course of current market news, and what is best, they have a really strong forecast.

Doyle Matthew 16.12.2021

Narrow spreads, fast transactions and good customer service - these are the qualities that I like in this broker. I trading with him for more than a year, and I like this experience. I consistently get a good profit. Right signals.

Boyd Ethan 18.12.2021

A worthy broker for trading for forex. They are always very professional and friendly. Amazing efforts to find tendencies and excellent opportunities for profit. Very loyal brokers.

Caldwell Bruno 27.12.2021

I like Dalefox limited Consultants for many years. The service is unsurpassed, and the conditions are more than acceptable. And most importantly, he just works.

Lynch Ronald 14.01.2022

Dalefox limited Consultants was my reliable broker for many years. I have never had any problems or something like that, and therefore I have never appealed to other places. I always trading there with a good feeling.

Newton Robert 22.01.2022

I am a client Dalefox limited Consultants since 2016 and will stay them. The offer is extensive, and so far I could exchange everything as I imagined. Therefore, I can only recommend everyone to try this broker.

Small Allan 23.01.2022

Dalefox limited Consultants is a very reliable and solid broker. The offer is extensive, stable systems, the conditions are good.

Conley Ambrose 29.01.2022

Six months ago, I opened the bill and very satisfied. They have a good execution of orders, traditionally quick input, low spreads. I don't need anything more. Now they launched a new XStation5 platform, it has a lot of useful tools.

Day Edward 04.02.2022

Very cool, I recommend.

Simon Bennett 06.02.2022

After the previous adventures with one of the brokers, I chose dalefox limited. I have an account for more than a year, and I am pleased with the services they provide. The withdrawal of funds is carried out freely, I never had problems with this. The platform is in order - they are currently introduced new, and it is pretty good. Quick contact with managers. I recommend!

McDaniel Ronald 23.02.2022

I have a real account with them, no problems with the output of funds. Money goes to a bank card for several days. They organize events on which I learned a lot of useful information. I am trading on a standard account, because there is a "micro". In general, I have no complaints. The cheapest DAX among all brokers.

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