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From time to time, organizations that sell brokerage services appear in the Forex financial market. In order for clients to understand who they can trust, our specialists wrote a review of CAPartners operating in Great Britain.
Our specialists have studied the capartners.world website, information from available databases.

Capartners.world website - overview

capartners.world is the standard official website with minimal information. A potential customer is immediately able to familiarize himself with the tariff plan, register a personal account and "earn".
Contact details - phone number and address provided.
Information on professional experience, obtained licenses and regulatory documents, programs for interaction with users was not found.
Additionally, in the case of the capartners.world review, we checked the information about the domain name. We found out it has been registered for less than 30 days.
You can only get more information by registering.
So it is safe to say that there is very little information on the capartners.world website, which is therefore a cause for concern.


Review of capartners.world - legal address of the organization

After researching the address published on capartners.world, our experts found a large number of references to illegal activities related to Forex fraud.
Our employees did not find any confirmation that the real organization is registered at the address indicated in capartners.world.
It also raises concerns that CAPartners' legal address is not in the UK where the organization is operating but in another country.

CAPartners Review - Phone Number

After examining the phone number, our employees found information about its use in shadow operations. It has also been used in the past by scammers who have tried to pretend to be online forex brokers.

CAPartners Review - User Reviews

Another part of the capartners.world review is the analysis of mentions on the Internet. On capartners.world, our experts found several template, paid reviews with fake photos and imaginary identities.
In search engines, SERP showed our employees a large number of bad mentions and reviews about capartners.world.
As a rule, customers write about the inability to obtain their finances, the poor performance of the programs, and the repulsive behavior of the administration.
Therefore, judging by the mentions on the Internet, CAPartners are criminals.

Gifts for account registration from CAPartners

Typically, Forex start-up organizations offer new registered users bonuses for registering an account. As a rule, these are various pleasant gifts, for example, advice from experienced analysts. And yet, on the CAPartners website and in promotional materials, our experts found gifts in the amount of the initial deposit. You have to bear in mind that these are investments that an online broker makes available to users to trade in the Forex market, not fancy tokens that do not go outside the system.
This is quite suspicious because with such bonuses the period of obtaining user income is delayed, which is associated with significant costs.
It can be assumed that the reason is the extraordinary kindness of capartners.world, but in practice everything is much simpler. Money cannot go outside the system because all CAPartners' work is fraudulent.

Account types for CAPartners

On the CAPartners website you can find several types of accounts that differ not only in terms of operation, but also in the size of the initial deposits. This is a common method of motivating traders to spend big by purchasing a premium account.
Users can sell personal advice from analysts, guaranteed profitable transactions, access to confidential information. However, all of this is a lie, it only serves to withdraw deposits.
You have to understand that no matter how much money you send, it will go to the criminals because CAPartners are scammers.


Leverage is a common tool for making money in the Forex financial market that allows you to trade much more than you have. The missing funds are borrowed from the online broker. Brands that offer their people the ability to trade with high leverage take a serious risk and therefore only allow experienced traders to do so. But capartners.world are scammers, so they use leverage to drive their traders to red and force them to pay off fake debts.

Money Back Time

Traders start working in the Forex market to earn money. Of course, this is not possible without investment. Therefore, the question arises: "What are the conditions for withdrawing funds from CAPartners?" On the website, our specialists have identified information that the withdrawal of money is made instantly and without commission. In practice, even serious, registered internet brokers do not always offer such working conditions. What's the catch?
The fact is that CAPartners are scammers and do not intend to provide traders with an opportunity to receive deposits. Therefore, capartners.world will offer the best working conditions. But all their oaths are lies.

Reviews appeared before CAPartners appeared

As our experts have already mentioned, the official CAPartners website has been running for less than a month. However, in a well-known resource, you can find reviews from three months ago.
Most likely, capartners.world employees ordered fake reviews on popular portals before starting the scam to give users the impression that the company has been operating for a long time.

A few opinions about capartners.world:

When did you see free cheese? Capartners.world is full of scammers, capartners.world promises excellent income and perfect conditions, but in the end you will get scammed and run away with all the currency.

Have you studied the history of capartners.world? As soon as you start studying their reviews, it becomes clear that CAPartners are bandits. Don't think about working with capartners.world.

Where I figured you can see the reliability of their capartners.world in the Forex financial market. The broker offered me cooperation on excellent terms, I was very scared until I saw the reviews, I do not want to cooperate with scammers 100%.

CAPartners Review - Trial version

There is no demo access to the programs on the capartners.world website, which allows you to understand the quality of the services provided.
CAPartners managers want the trader to quickly give them his confidential details and pay the smallest deposit.

CAPartners Review - Financial Withdrawal

Formally, the payment of the user's money takes place using a form on the capartners.world website. It is doubtful that any user can use it without registering. Therefore, the appeal will be processed manually, which is unrealistic for a significant number of customers.
Our experts concluded that this form is only to show potential victims that investments can be received, but in reality it will not work.

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