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By origin, Alexander is a Jew, so working with money is a natural occupation for him. For such a person, concern for one's own benefit always comes first. After graduating from a technical school in his native country in 1993, the young man moved to the United States. He quickly learns the profession of a taxi driver, works in the Walt Street area. The localization of routes in this territory has become a happy accident in life. Watching brokers and day traders, Alexander had a dream of becoming the wolf of Walt Street. In 1996, he passed the seven-hour examination for a brokerage license. Starts working in a new profession, according to reviews. After analyzing the reviews, he did not like working as a broker. After 8 months, the former taxi driver starts working as a day trader, but drains the deposit. After a while, the trader is already working breakeven or profitably.

Based on available feedback, served as Managing Partner of Hold Brothers. In this regard, there are doubts about the honesty and decency of Alexander Gerchik. After the trader received a new position, Alexander's first job ceased to exist, having lost a significant part of the employees whom Mr. Gerchik brought with him.

According to the reviews, this act, one must think, and a high position was granted.

In 2006, Alexander was invited to shoot the documentary film Wolves of Walt Street, which he is immensely proud of to this day.

In 2011, for unknown reasons, Alexander Gerchik moved to Moscow, worked in the BCS Trading Department, then in Finam. In 2015, the trader leaves his employers and starts his own projects based on feedback.

Alexander Gerchik's basic trading approach

According to the reviews, the Businessman is a professional player in the US stock market, where he traded and trained new employees of the company. Returning to Russia, Alexander took up the training of traders and financial management. Despite having extensive experience in trading on the stock exchange, in Russia he teaches how to work on the Forex market. The latter was not chosen by chance, although according to reviews, trader Alexander Gerchik is incompetent in matters of Forex trading. The reason for the concentration of attention on Forex is its great popularity among the people of the former USSR for the possibility of quick, big earnings. The audience for learning is much wider than in the case of the stock market. This determines the possibility of quick earnings for business coaches.

After analyzing the feedback, Alexander developed some market instruments. The most popular one is the trader's calculator - Gerchik posted on his own website.

The tool prompts you to define:

The businessman created the company Gerchik & Co, which provides brokerage services and contracts for differences in prices. He is engaged in the creation of a hedge fund to manage risks and attract investments. The company's accounts are registered offshore.

A trader reports that trading stocks on the exchange seems to be more profitable than a bank deposit with a fixed interest, although the risk is also higher. — what does the resource offer?

Alexander Gerchik's website consists of several sections and offers training for traders in the following formats:

The main seminar, which is sold by the trading guru "Active Trading Course 2.0" lasts five days and consists of blocks:

In the course, Alexander promises to make everyone a breakeven trader, reporting that 90% of his students trade without loss or profit. The percentage of successful students seems unrealistic to most financial market experts. After the course, students will understand how the securities market functions. There are two service packages: standard and VIP. However, it will not be possible to find out the price of educational services directly on the site. To do this, you need to leave contact information in order to regularly receive invitations to participate in Mr. Gerchik's seminars. Although, not everyone who is interested in the cost of trading courses wants to receive mailings on this topic, and the need to wait for an answer has not made life easier for anyone.

Trader's channel on the Telegram platform

Telegram channel is an addition to Alexander Gerchik's website. The channel content is a collection of thoughts, tips, book selections and advertisements for trader courses. There are 21257 members on the channel.

YouTube channel is a tool for promoting and attracting customers

The channel has 89.4 thousand subscribers and during its existence the blogger has collected 11,030,561 views. Video reviews appear regularly. A blogger, business coach, and also a practicing trader all in one shares his thoughts and insights, maintains the “Ask Gerchik” section.

YouTube channel Alexander Gerchik positions the author as the safest trader according to Mojo Wall Street Warriors and NYSE/NASDAQ (exploitation of participation in the 2006 film). Although safe trading does not mean profitable.

Vkontakte online course page

Also, in support of the educational project of business coach Gerchik, a Vkontakte group was created. This page details the content of the course. The moderator answers questions and shares his thoughts on behalf of the trader. The group consists of 31275 users of the social network.

Verification by Alexander Gerchik

The tangibility of the personality of a businessman and an exciting biography are beyond doubt. The achievements of Gerchik are also confirmed, although it is possible to interpret them in two ways. However, the honesty of the trader is questionable, the reviews of other traders and bloggers indicate that Gerchik & Co is not a reliable broker. Others speak of a positive experience with this broker. Although positive reviews are often custom-made.

Feedback on the work of trader Alexander Gerchik

Alexander Gerchik is a trader whose reviews are in abundance on the web. Thoughtful PR made the personality of the trader a star in the post-Soviet space. The audience of thousands of people on YouTube and Telegram does not have a single opinion about Alexander's work. Gerchik does not leave anyone indifferent, thanks to his natural charisma and the spread of rumors about his success as a trader.

On a white background of positive reviews, the authors clearly stand out, who describe in detail the shortcomings of the trader's work, emphasizing the inflated success of a clever businessman and pointing out the fraudulent nature of the broker Gerchik & Co.

According to numerous reviews in the network, Gerchik & Co repeatedly delayed payments and not all citizens who trusted the broker with their savings were able to get them back without any problems.

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