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Consider the dumbbell from the company ATLANT, which has been operating since 1996. The design of the dumbbell is collapsible, which for some will be an undeniable plus in training. It is made of chrome-plated steel, which means increased strength of the material, as well as some resistance to corrosion. So the model will serve you for a long time, and its appearance will be preserved as long as possible. Since the design is collapsible, the kit includes the following components:


disk - 1.5 kg (4 pcs);

disk - 1 kg (2 pcs);

nut - 0.5 kg (2 pcs);

neck - 1 kg (1 piece).

As you can see, the total weight is 10 kg and for the initial level of training this is quite enough. Here you can set the following weight: 4, 5, 7 and 10 kg. In general, changing the weight for different exercises, this dumbbell will give an excellent start to development for almost all the muscles of the body, from the neck and arms to the muscles of the back and legs. By the way, for less painful muscle recovery after strength training, many athletes use BCAA supplements. We want to note that you can always complete the dumbbell with discs with a large weight. Moreover, if you still have disks from the old model, then they can be used here as well — the diameter of the holes is standard and is equal to 26 mm. As for the ease of use, the neck and nuts are marked with a so-called knurling, which provides a more reliable grip with the palm and fingers of the hand. Of the little things, it is worth noting the weight applied to each disc, which will not get confused when assembling a dumbbell for performing a particular exercise. Andy W-332


Now consider not one dumbbell, but a whole set from the company Andy. The first thing that attracts attention is a stylish and fairly compact stand for all dumbbells. This solution will be very useful for using the set at home, because they will not get lost under the bed, but will be carefully stored in a specially designated place for them. We also want to add that at the top of the stand there is a special handle for transporting the entire set to another room or just for moving during cleaning in the house. Now, in fact, let's move on to the dumbbells themselves. Here, first of all, the appearance was pleasantly surprised — each weight has its own color:


dumbbell - 2 kg (2 pcs) - each one is colored purple;

dumbbell - 1.5 kg (2 pieces) - each is painted in blue;

dumbbell - 1 kg (2 pieces) - each is painted in pink.

This approach on the part of the manufacturer solves not only the aesthetic question, but also the practical question: now during training, you can intuitively take the weight that you need, without looking at the size and inscription on the dumbbell. The total weight of the dumbbell is 9 kg, but the maximum weight at the same time for each hand will be only 2 kg, and the minimum — 1 kg. As a base, steel is used here, over which a thick layer of plastic is applied. This made it possible to make the classes quieter, because now you will not hear the unpleasant ringing of metal during the collision of dumbbells. In addition, a neoprene coating is applied on top of the plastic, which provides a reliable grip of the hand with the surface of the dumbbell. Iron Body 4766DP


The Iron Body dumbbell is non-collapsible and with a weight of only 3 kg, it is perfect for both novice athletes and professional fitness classes. In the first case, the muscles should not immediately be given a serious load and this weight will be optimal, for example, for a teenager. He can start with morning exercises, developing the biceps, triceps and forearms, and the emphasis may no longer be on weight, but on the technique of performing exercises. Only after mastering the technique can you begin to gradually increase the weight of the dumbbell. In the second case, a small weight allows you to easily perform cardio exercises, where again, not a large weight is important, but rather the duration of the exercise/the number of approaches. By the way, for those who follow the figure, it is important to remember about a balanced diet, so that during the day you can replenish your energy supply with protein bars.


This dumbbell is made of metal, which is covered with a vinyl material (plastic with a smooth surface). This feature solves two problems at once: first, you can not use gloves, as the coating carefully treats the skin of your hands; secondly, during classes you will not feel discomfort from the ringing metal, and the dumbbell will slightly absorb when falling to the floor. Among the amenities, it is worth noting that there are dumbbells with a different weight on sale and each weight has a different color body. For example, this model is painted green, while the 2 kg model has yellow plastic, and the 1 kg model is pink, etc. This is very convenient and, if you have the whole set, you will quickly navigate in choosing the right weight.MB Barbell Atlet 20 kg


It's time to tell you about the higher-level dumbbell-MB Barbell Atlet. The total weight of the model is 20 kg, and this is suitable for more serious training. For example, if a weight of up to 10 kg perfectly trains the arms or abs, then 20 kg can be used to train the muscles of the back or legs. The design of the dumbbell is collapsible and the kit includes the following components:


disk - 5 kg (2 pcs);

disk-2.5 kg (2 pcs);

disk-1.25 kg (2 pcs);

neck with nuts - 2.5 kg (1 piece).

By combining discs of different weights, you can get the next weight step: 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20 kg. This ability to flexibly change weight will allow you to develop almost all the muscles of the body right at home. In addition, if you still have an old dumbbell, which used discs with a hole of 25 mm, then they will easily fit this model. As for the disks from the kit, it is necessary to note their rubber coating, which is increasingly used in the manufacture of dumbbells and disks for them. This allows not only to reduce the noise from metal collisions, but also to significantly reduce the pain from getting your fingers between such disks. Among other things, if you fall to the floor, the rubber discs may cause almost no visible damage to its surface, or this damage will be minimal. In the end, we want to note the presence of Vader nuts in the kit, which are distinguished by special protrusions for the fingers, which allows you to significantly speed up the assembly/disassembly of the dumbbell.Lite Weights 2950NP


Another dumbbell in our review is a model from the company Lite Weights. And in this case, the brand name fully corresponds to the dumbbell itself, since its weight is only 1 kg. The structure itself is monolithic, which means that you will not be able to increase the weight. So the model is more suitable for use in fitness training. In addition, of course, the dumbbell is suitable for the smallest athletes who need a small weight to start. The dumbbell is great for creating a small load during cardio exercises. Using a weight of just 1 kg, you can significantly strengthen your arm muscles, even by doing simple exercises while watching TV or other activities when your hands are free. By the way, as an alternative, you can use an expander, which perfectly strengthens not only the forearms, but also the muscles of the chest, back, hips, etc.


As for the materials of this dumbbell, the metal inside is used, on top of which a soft neoprene coating is applied. This material is often used in the manufacture of dumbbells for fitness, because with prolonged loads (jumps, squats, etc.), along with the whole body, sweat, including the palms. And such a material as neoprene, perfectly repels moisture and allows you to hold the dumbbell more securely. Separately, we want to note the stylish design of the model and its compact size, due to which a set of two pieces does not take up much space in a nightstand or in a sports bag.


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