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 The best boxing gloves are subjective, as they are individually selected and which will be very comfortable for one athlete and uncomfortable and unreliable for another. Boxing gloves should combine many functions: protect the athlete from blows (even if you are wearing a boxing helmet), do not pass blows through blocks, allow you to hit yourself and repeat all hand movements. The best boxing gloves are those that have proven themselves to be a reliable partner in sparring. The athlete must feel comfortable in boxing gloves, otherwise, they will constantly slip and he will be distracted by missing punches and getting injured.

You can buy boxing gloves, for children and adults, in any online store of sports paraphernalia, but there are several characteristics to choose the best option.

1. Buy gloves from a trusted manufacturer. Unscrupulous manufacturers use substandard materials for the manufacture of gloves, so gloves can quickly break and not perform properly.

2. Correctly select the weight of the gloves. Gloves are selected based on the weight of the athlete. For an adult, the weight of the gloves should be 10-20 oz (ounces). This weight is enough to strike and defend reliably. Children's boxing gloves are made no worse than adults, but the optimal weight for them is 4-8 oz.

3. Check that the fixation is secure. The glove should fit snugly around the cuff in order to fully follow the movements of the hand. Better to buy gloves after trying them on.

4.Decide on the material. You can buy leather or leatherette gloves. Here the difference is greater in price than in quality, because sometimes leatherette may not be much worse than genuine leather.

5. Choose a filler option. Even if you are not going to box on a professional level, it is better to choose gloves with foam filling. They will last longer and will not lose their shape.

For maximum protection, it is better to buy a boxing helmet right away, which is an important attribute for both beginners and professional athletes. By the way, the price of boxing helmets is almost the same as the cost of gloves.


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