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We are reviewing forex broker Keller Ltd as of 2022 and the investment possibilities it provides to its clients. The concept is quite simple – we are trying to look at the platform with the eyes of a potential client, judging on advantages and disadvantages of possible cooperation. The ultimate goal is to outline the potential risks and to make the decision based on the company’s reliability.

So let’s start where the start is – official Keller Ltd website will be our point of entry. This is where we get the first impression of the company, which can turn out to be the last one though. What do we see? A website of a forex broker but not quite ordinary one – the forex platform suggest investments on other markets, too. Not just forex itself, but also stocks, indices and commodities. Sounds quite interesting, at least in theory. Diversification is not the worst strategy, and diversifying investments within one and the same platform can be very handy. Time is money, you know. Trading in parallel mode on two or more platforms – that could be quite exhausting, after all.

Getting closer, going deeper

The company registration data looks reliable, we see contacts and other things usual in this case where they should be. What is with deposits and withdrawals? We are offered several variants of payment methods, quite conservative and reliable ones. CashU, bank transfers, Visa and MasterCard as well – not the biggest selection, but there is a choice. The withdrawal takes up to 2 days after the request is filed. This parameter is quite average, definitely not the fastest withdrawal on the market, but still not the worst case.

The start of our tour is quite inspiring (if you are not a crypto enthusiast, of course). So let’s take a closer look at types of accounts offered by Keller Ltd. These types are given in the table below. Looks not bad in general though we suppose that the minimal package could suggest more options.

Account type






Minimal deposit in EUR






Assets available

9 major currencies

2 types of assets

3 types of assets

4 types of assets

4 types of assets

Other options

- Get Started,

- More than 25 tools available,

- personal account manager,

3 insured trades;

-fixed/floating spreads.


- Get started,

- More than 50 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- micro-lot trading,

- company landing,

4 insured trades,

- fixed/floating spreads.



- Get started,

- More than 200 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- account insurance,

- 5 insured trades,

- micro-lot trading,

- fixed/floating spreads.


- Get started,

- More than 250 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 10 insured trades,

- mentor training program,

- fixed/floating spreads,

- 50% bonus,

- account insurance,

- Group of signals for contracts.

- Get started,

- More than 300 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 15 insured trades,

- доступ к резервному фонду компании,

- 70% bonus,

- аccess to company reserve fund,

- group of signals for insured contracts?

- Fixed / floating spreads,

- Personal analyst,

- account insurance.


Well, the biggest selection of options and bonuses is for the biggest players. These are the chosen ones able to test the trading of all asset types, which is not surprising. However, frankly speaking, it is quite natural.

But there is another thing, which is more important for our review – the least expensive of Keller Ltd account types is designed for mass market user and gives an opportunity to test the platform and its forex trading functionality. Over 25 tools – it is more than enough for beginners, even is there is Get started section, teaching how to use them. On the other hand, we would not recommend to experienced traders skipping this section either. Yes, MetaTrader, on which Keller Ltd forex platform is based, is quite a famous technology. But if you haven’t use this particular version before, it would be better to begin with the beginning, to see what the company built into the platform, and to save your time (and, probably, your nerve cells).

And there is another point to mention – all account types, offered by Keller Ltd broker to its clients in 2022, mention both fixed and floating spread. There is no simple answer for the question which type of spread is better, really. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which depend on time of the day, market volatility and many other things. But, in the end of the day, having the choice is always better than no choice at all.

The registration procedure is standard: name, surname, e-mail and phone number – that’s all you need for the first stage. But here’s the free tip: don’t postpone it, pass the complete registration at once. We live in the era of abbreviations like KYC, AML and others – putting it simply, you need to upload the ID and the company has to approve it, before letting you perform any transfer of money.

Online cabinet of Keller Ltd client looks even a bit minimalistic for 2022 standards, which is not bad. Simple means easy, that is how it works. Customization options exist, though we wouldn’t call them unlimited. Tools and windows, and even more tools, lots of them available. May seem even too many for the beginner (especially if he skipped the Get started section). On the other hand, you don’t have to use them all. That tutorial stage is rather needed to select the most useful ones and make a comfortable configuration of these tools.

All these things put together make Keller Ltd probably the best trader for beginners. The company offers more than enough of options and functionality even for minimal deposit. Which, it its turn, may be not the lowest on the market, but definitely the average one.

Keller Ltd is also a forex broker with the mobile app of its own (you have probably noticed the download link on the company’s website). It is a separate topic to review though. As for now, we can satisfy with the conclusion that it is there and it is available. In order to test its functionality and to compare it with the website later, of course.

Collective mind’s help

It seems like we have analyzed anything we could, but this feeling is misleading. There is a preliminary conclusion – yes, we think that Keller Ltd offers great investment opportunity for an average trader and think it is a fair deal. But what does other people say, especially those who made this conclusion earlier? Time for the reputation check.

None of the companies exists in vacuum. Each of them has earned some reputation, even if it has been working for several weeks (not forex broker’s Keller Ltd case though). So it has some users, and these users have left some reviews which could be useful for us, too. The rule is as simple as that: ignore emotions, facts first. Say if some reddit user says Keller Ltd is the best forex broker for low cost trading, this statement counts only if it is based on facts. Without them, it isn’t worth much. The same thing if a user on Glassdoor call the company scammers – facts first, remember?

The internets may be full of good and bad things on any particular subject. Writing reviews for money has become a new industry. May be not so exiting as forex trading, though it definitely pays for people involved in it. But the responsibility is on you, so you are the one to make the final conclusion, is it safe to invest with Keller Ltd or not.

There are also official sources – yes, we mean registers, regulators, news etc. But judging from general practice, if something is wrong with any particular company, the official sources will hardly be first to disclose it. Problems appear and grow much earlier than the authorities or regulators pay attention to them. According to our conclusion, there is nothing significantly wrong with Keller Ltd broker, but it is our conclusion, and you will have to make your own.

Summarizing it

Keller Ltd is the reliable partner in terms of investments – that is what company seems to be and most likely is. What makes us think so? Well, as we mentioned above we try to stick to facts. It offers quite a decent set of options and opportunities for a beginner or an average trader for the fair price. Traders with deeper pockets may also test the trading of other asset types – this is something that is not offered by each and every forex broker so far. The company’s trading platform is quite functional and the terms of trade offered are quite decent, too.

There are some things which can be fixed though. The set of option for the minimal deposit could be bigger, the support could work faster and the withdrawal or deposit funds could take less time. But these are rather things that are not critical and can be fixed in theory, there are things much worse on the market (you can trust us, we have seen some). So the conclusion of our Keller Ltd overview as of 2022 is the following. The company meets the demands of an average forex trader interested in forex trade first. 

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts 51 years old Born in Edinburgh. Married. Studied at University of Oxford, Department of Public Policy and Social Work. Graduated in 1997. Works at Standard Life Aberdeen plc.

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James Thomas

I have been trading with this broker for over 1 year. Worked with many brokers, but I ended up here. The execution conditions are really good. These trading conditions are satisfactory for me. There are no problems with deposits and withdrawals. I really hope they don't ruin their reputation.

Joseph Shelton

I have been trading with Keller Finance Limited for two months and have been in the business for a couple of years in general. (For me it is like a hobby.) Adequate broker with low static spreads, good analytics and very smart support. I have never noticed that my phone is empty, while I was driving in the car. I put my smartphone on charge, stopped the car and quickly called our support service. Managers told me what to do first, so as not to unexpectedly fly into a loss. Hopefully there will be more communication channels and an online support chat over time.

Marian Sims

Deserves a review! Everything is always clear, no problems. The support team is always quick to help if you have any questions. Trading is not complicated, everything is clear where it is going. The site is well designed.

Anne Robinson

Although reliability is the main characteristic of the platform, for me personally, convenience is also important. Here it is provided in full, orders are fulfilled instantly, quotes are updated without delay, deposits can be quickly replenished, there are no delays with financial news either.

Patsy Knight

What I would like to say to all comrades who have suddenly decided to become a trader, all at once never happens to anyone. Trading is a lot of work, a lot of hours spent on training, analysis, self-monitoring and so on. I came in as a beginner, then I picked myself up and changed my attitude to trading, looked at it more seriously, and spent all my time on market analysis and analytics! Now I have consistently withdrawn profits from the company without any questions.

Laura Brown

The company provides quality services. this is cool))). The main thing is that I can always withdraw what I earned without any problems.

Edith Wallace

Yes, a very promising company! I also follow their dynamics and I even put my first deposit on them, it's a pleasure to trade here!

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