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Not just Forex: Overton Partners review

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The simplest search request returns dozens of companies providing brokerage services. But search algorithms still can’t select you the reliable broker – it is up to you to decide, whether this or that company is trustworthy or not. To do so, you’ll have to conduct your own research. That’s the thing we did in our Forex broker Overton Partners review – feel free to use it as step-by-step guide.

We’ve decided to begin our review of Overton Partners with its official website, which is quite obvious. That’s the company’s way to represent itself, some kind of shop window for online customers, so let’s see how it offers its services and what it has to offer. The key demand on this stage is as following – everything should be clear and all the necessary data should be easily found exactly where we expect to find it.

Getting started: Overton Partners anti-scam scanning

The algorithm of our check is quite simple. Before we start using the company’s services, we should get a clear and complete impression of how useful and safe it would be for us. If Overton Partners is a legit Forex broker, it has nothing to hide. Address, contacts, registration data, detailed description of markets it operates on and of the services it provides – we should be able to find all these things quickly and easily.

Please mind the timing: if you have to spend more than several minutes to find all these things, may be it is worth to look for some other brokerage. It doesn’t mean that the company is definitely a scammer, but if a brokerage is not able to describe its services properly, that is quite disturbing sign in general.

Forex broker Overton Partners does not seem to be a company, which has something to hide. Most of the needed company details can be easily found. The data is not abundant but the things disclosed by the company are enough for our purpose on this stage. The services brokerage provides are explained in details, so we can see clear what it does. Overton Partners is a Forex broker that also allows trading with assets of various different classes through CFDs. These other assets include stocks, commodities, and indices.

Since we are done with the company’s details and services, there is one more things to check on this initial stage. We recommend paying attention to payment methods, which it supports. If Overton Partners was a scammer, we would most likely see there a limited list of payment methods like crypto and some dubious online payment systems, or even exclusively crypto.

The first thing to mention here is the fact scammers like the idea of anonymous transactions, which can’t be rolled back. And the second thing is they don’t like to be the subjects of checks and tests conducted by banks and established payment systems who always try to make sure that their corporate clients are reliable enough. So the bigger list of “old-fashioned” methods of payment means that the company passed these numerous checks successfully and that banks and payment systems found it worth working with.


Overton Partners services: Forex is not everything

Now it is time to take a closer look at Forex broker Overton Partners business and the services it provides. There are several disturbing things, which can be found on this stage, too. Say, we would suppose that Overton Partners plays for scammers’ team if we found something like unreasonably big bonuses, partnership programs or promises of “guaranteed revenue”.

There is nothing criminal in bonuses or partnership/loyalty/club programs, of course. Even more, the number of legit brokers use these tools successfully and it doesn’t make them less legit. The size of these bonuses matters though. Traders normally earn on trading. But if they earn on attracting new clients for their brokerage, it rather looks like a pyramid scheme. These tricks are still working and are still popular with fraudsters. The good thing is that we haven’t found anything of this kind to think that Overton Partners is a scammer.

The case with various guarantees is different. Trading, especially when it is about Forex and CFDs, is not the sphere where your revenue can be guaranteed no matter what fraudsters may promise. Forex broker Overton Partners website even displays a warning saying most of retail clients are losing their money, which is true, unfortunately, especially when they trade on volatile markets.

As we made sure that Overton Partners is not using scamming tricks, we can check its services to get the full impression of the company’s business. As we mentioned before Overton Partners is not pure Forex broker and it offers the other asset classes for trading through CFDs. Specifics and advantages of each class are explained in details, we would only mention that this combination looks quite promising in terms of portfolio diversification. There are many brokers focused exclusively on Forex, but having more tools at your disposal seems to be a better strategy of hedging risks for us.

However, this possibility is not available for every trader. The point is Overton Partners is quite an expensive Forex broker. We are judging from its account types, where minimal deposit is $5,000 and you get quite moderate set of options with this amount. In fact, most of the traders are usually operating smaller capitals.

Vox populi and summary regarding Forex broker Overton Partners

It looks like we can go to conclusions section but there is one more thing to do. When defining is or isn’t Overton Partners a scammer we couldn’t ignore the other people opinions. In particular, it would be useful to know what its former and existing clients are thinking regarding the company itself, its services and their level. Without this our Overton Partners review would be incomplete.

There is an easy way to obtain the information we need. Opinions and reviews on Overton Partners or any other brokerage are available on the web, though the source matters in this case. Our priority is the experience of people who have a record of partnership with Forex broker Overton Partners, so we should pay attention to such sources of information as Sitejabber or Trustpilot. There are others sites of this kind, too, but these two are quite informative and reliable. Say, we wouldn’t trust reviews about Overton Partners on Reddit much due to its moderation model.

And only after we make sure there is nothing serious regarding Overton Partners from Forex traders who work with the company or worked before, we can go to conclusions of our own.

There actually two key takes – the first is that Overton Partners seems to be a legit Forex broker, who also offers trading with other asset classes. And the second is that it is hardly a best fit for an average mass market client, it targets wealthier clients. If you aren’t ready to deposit $5,000 or more, you should look for an affordable brokerage. But if you are, Overton Partners offers a good set of options and can be a perfect choice.

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts 51 years old Born in Edinburgh. Married. Studied at University of Oxford, Department of Public Policy and Social Work. Graduated in 1997. Works at Standard Life Aberdeen plc.

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