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InstaVector is an investment company that offers us not only investments, but also brokerage services, with stock trading on the stock markets.

In general, it seems that this is a very large project. The legend is worked out in detail, the company is created by experienced people, there are no trivialities typical of cheap scams. But this is rather a disadvantage, in the sense that it will be more difficult to expose InstaVector, especially for inexperienced people. And this project needs exactly to be exposed, because it is an extremely dangerous scam.
There is a lot of freebies. There is very little specific information on the site. We only know that InstaVector offers brokerage services, training in exchange trading and over-the-counter transactions. And all this is called "investment company" for some reason.

There is no clear description of trading conditions on the website. If we take into account that in order to register you will have to leave your contact information it is obvious that swindlers will tell you what and how to do individually, focusing on the credibility and financial capacity of a new victim. Well, of course, to collect a base of contacts of people willing to invest in scams.
The "IC" INSTAVECTOR Ltd. was registered in 2008. In the same year it received a license from the Central Bank of Russia. However, the age of the domain is much less - it was registered only in 2014. It turns out that the company worked for six years without its own website, which is absolutely unrealistic. In addition, the domain registrar is hidden. But hiding will not work.
It is known that this project is managed by someone Ildar Sharipov. It is very interesting person who shines online exclusively as a swindler who founded a number of pseudo-investment and pseudo-broker projects, in fact - financial pyramids. Look at this screen - Sharipov is listed as a founder of 41 organizations at once!

And all of these organizations are of financial nature. All kinds of finance, dealing, management, money, capitals and so on. Everything is connected with money, which we have to give to whom we don't know. A number of these creepy businesses have already been liquidated. The same is waiting for InstaVector.

InstaVector is the successor of InstaForex. Originally InstaForex was planned as a legal project; the appropriate license was obtained for this purpose. But Sharipov decided that it was better to steal than to work honestly; that is why he took over the project and now his former partners accuse him of committing crimes.

Speaking of the license. InstaForex (InstaTrade) has it. The swindlers came up with nothing better than to pass off this license as the one issued by InstaVector. The same number and date of issue, they just changed the company's name with Photoshop.

In addition, the scammers themselves write that InstaVector is a young company. How can it be young if it is supposedly already 13 years old?

There are still very few reviews of InstaVector's activities on the web. The reason is the youthfulness of this project.

How will InstaVector work? The same way as all the previous shady schemes by Sharipov - collecting money from suckers, stealing them under the guise of an unexpected plum, and that's it. Then the project is shut down and a new one takes its place.
InstaVector is a fraudulent project. It is not an investment company, but a banal pseudo brokerage scam of experienced swindlers. In any case do not contact.

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts 51 years old Born in Edinburgh. Married. Studied at University of Oxford, Department of Public Policy and Social Work. Graduated in 1997. Works at Standard Life Aberdeen plc.

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