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Almada International is a large international holding company providing a wide range of services in marketing, international financial market research and IT development.

Have you believed it? And for good reason. Of course, Almada International is bullshit, not a major international holding company. It's just another fake brokerage company recruiting callers whose main task is to call everyone and make them open accounts with fake brokers. That is, a scam.
They offer a job in a large international holding providing a wide range of services in marketing, international financial market research and IT development. In 2016, the company opened a new direction for itself - the cryptocurrency market.

The main areas - IT sphere, marketing and financial markets. To join Almada International, all you have to do is contact the company and sign up for an interview.
It is said to be a large international holding company, but no exact age is given. 2016 is the year the company discovered the cryptocurrency market, meaning it existed before.
The domain was registered only last July, which means that the site is less than a year old. That's how old the "large international holding company" is, which, of course, no one knows about. You will not find any reviews on this cool company, only about working there, but about that later.

There is no legal information. In addition, the callers are not officially employed, so Almada International works exclusively as a shell company. Today it is there, tomorrow it is gone, but no problem - you can rent an office next door and open a new "large international holding". Nothing can stop fraudsters.

The exact office address is not listed on the website - you will be told it in person, if you sign up for an interview.

So we are offered a job here. Please note that all the vacancies are somehow related to management. That's what they officially call callers. All these "managers" will be engaged in calling random people from ready, purchased databases and offer them to open an account with this or that broker.
It goes without saying that all of these brokers are scammers. It is quite possible that this office belongs to such swindlers, because they need somewhere to find new suckers for financial haircuts.
Will they pay the promised salaries in Almada International? Hardly. Scammers are scammers, and they will think of a lot of reasons just to cut wages. No one pays the callers 50 000 hryvnias each.

By the way, a message to those who are already working for Almada International and is engaged in scams of unsuspecting citizens - when this office will be closed, you will go as accomplices. The victims will only remember their manager who forced them to give their money to someone they don't understand, not the managers.
Almada International is a fake holding company, which is actually a caller's office for finding new victims for pseudo brokerage scams. Do not get involved in any way!

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

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